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Proffessional Drying Services!
We will solve your problems with dampness

Get rid of your problems with dampness!

Method of drying walls affected by capillary action using ElectroAqua Radio Dehumidifier.

The newest and the most effective method removing moisture rising up through a building via the walls and floors. The system utilises electro-osmosis and eliminates the dampness completely.

What is the cause of dampness in the building? On untreated walls, water is moving up - through capillary action which is known as dynamic osmosis. Water usually stays in walls at around 1m height, in some cases higher depending on porosity of materials. After installation of our device, electro magnetic waves reverse polarity in the walls and force water to move through capillary action back to the ground.

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20 Years Guarantee
for walls drying and protecing against dampness with radio method
Chemical Free
not requiring construction work, chemicals, drilling, trenching or insulation repairs
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